Source: Jim Hoft

Attorney Michael Van Der Veen joined Rob Schmitt on Newsmax on Monday night to discuss the Trump legal team’s huge win on Saturday in the United States Senate.

Van der Veen, a successful personal injury attorney from Philadelphia, and the other Trump lawyers destroyed the House Democrats, their Harvard lawyers and Nancy Pelosi in their latest witch hunt against President Donald Trump.

Michael van der Veen compared the House Democrat’s case against President Trump to a rotting corpse in the corner.

Michael van der Veen: This was not like any trial this country has ever seen. I thought it was bereft of due process. It trampled all over the Constitution of the United States. It was an abomination. It was something I would expect to see come out of a third-world country… We had them like a wounded animal in the corner, dying. Their case was dying… They were trying to breathe life into the case and they couldn’t. And their case died in the corner… The real story here is why did they doctor the evidence? If their case was so strong why was it that they manipulated the video, recreated tweets that tried to purport to be something they weren’t?