Source: Breitbart

During an interview that aired this week on “Fox News Sunday,” Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates addressed climate change on the heels of the winter storm in Texas.

According to Gates, who recently published the book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” 2050 is the “soonest realistic date for the world to change” due to climate change.

Host Chris Wallace asked Gates to make his “best case” about climate change to those who question whether it is real and how much of it is manmade.

“[T]he change in the wind patterns is allowing those cold fronts to come down from Canada more often,” Gates explained. “There’s a pattern of wind that, … as it gets warmer, that breaks down. There’s no doubt that we’re putting CO2 into the atmosphere. There’s no doubt that that increases temperatures and that affects the weather. And so, the ill effects, whether it’s, you know, farming in Texas being changed or wildfires or coral reefs dying off, there’s, you know, super hard evidence of the ocean rising. I do think it’s fair that people have different views on the tactics to deal with climate change. In fact, you know, having both parties thinking about that is going to be very important as we go forward.”

He continued, “But this is a real challenge, and it’s great to see that particularly young Republicans are joining in and saying that this is something they care about, beyond their own individual success, morally preserving these ecosystems, allowing a livable planet — they care about that.”

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