Source: CD Media Staff

Illegitimate President Joe Biden enraged the black community with his recent racist comments saying blacks don’t know how to use a computer or get online. The meme world exploded with satire regurgitating the President’s comments.

Biden has repeatedly throughout his political career made overtly racist comments towards blacks, leading many black leaders to complain the DNC only uses minorities for political goals, but harbors real deep-seated racsim, as opposed to the manufactured hate suggested for the Trump movement, where the evidence doesn’t exist, and fake racism hoaxes are frequent.

“This is what they think of black and hispanic Americans. THE REAL racism is in your blood boy!” declared a successful black female real estate investor in south Atlanta.

“JOE BIDEN IS A RACIST! He said Blacks and Hispanics don’t know how to get online and use the Internet. HE THINKS WE ARE ALL IGNORANT. President Trump would have been called a racist for saying this!” declared black activist Terrence Williams.

The meme below, although ugly, epically makes this point. Made by a black American man, we found it instructive and worth reposting.