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I have an update from my friend Bo Polny.

If you watched my recent interview with him, you know we are watching for several events to start happening in the VERY near future.

Those dates are:

And one of the big things Bo told me he was watching for was for war to break out.

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….and after that, a crash of the dollar followed by a crash of the stock market.

Well, are we on our way to a war breaking out?

We may be on our way and this is how you get there:

After 4 years of NO WARS and no aggression from the Trump Administration, Biden has already fired off rockets bombing Syria.



So does this lead to war?

It doesn’t look good.

Actually, BIDEN doesn’t look good.

Does he need a war to distract from his failing health?

And to distract from the stolen election?

Same old playbook.

If you haven’t seen my interview with Bo Polny yet, you need to watch.

We cover war and the crash of the dollar, but we cover a lot more.

Like $200,000 bitcoin, silver, and Trump’s return….

Watch safely here on Rumble: