Source: Mac Slavo

While the COVID-19 vaccine isn’t the only problem facing humanity, it is a big one.  But people are finally standing up to it.  About half of French home health workers say that they won’t only deny taking the vaccine, but that they will resist it

Reuters, when covering the country’s vaccine rollout finds that only around “half of health workers in French care homes do not want to be vaccinated.”  Even after many of these workers routinely witness the ravages of COVID-19 on the elderly and infirm. Does that mean they’ve witnessed the vaccine doing more damage than the disease it’s supposed to present? We’ll let you ponder that one.

“There’s a complete loss of trust,” one home health care worker and trade union representative was cited in the report as saying, reflecting resistance to the growing pressure put on often underpaid staff in difficult working conditions who are being ordered to get vaccinated lest they risk the safety of the elderly patients. And another reflected a common answer of “I’m going to wait a bit.”

The intense skepticism and pushback stems from the fact that it’s both the government that’s reportedly underpaying them, while also demanding they get the jab, reported ZeroHedge. 

Reuters presents a common refrain among the frontline care-givers as follows:

Marie-France Boudret, who works in a French home for the elderly, watched a patient suffocate to death in front of her because COVID-19 had infected his lungs. But when her employer offered her a vaccine against the virus, the nurse hesitated.

“I have some doubts,” said Boudret, 48. “I prefer to wait.”

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This isn’t promising news for the ruling class, who desperately needs us all to take this vaccine, for one reason or another. The report offers both Germany and Switzerland as examples, where resistance to the vaccine among home healthcare staff could be even greater than in France. “In Germany, care home operator BeneVit Group surveyed staff in November and found only 30% wanted to get vaccinated,writes Reuters.

The United States has taken to enlisting the military to help distribute the vaccine. We have yet to see the extremes of terrorism but make no mistake, it will not end here.