Source: Tsarizm Staff

During an embedded trip with the US-led Coalition to northeast Syria last week, it was clear that the Coalition support for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against ISIS is set to continue. This is despite the opposition of Russia, Turkey, Iran and the Syrian government, all of whom want the US-led Coalition forces to leave Syria.

“And as long as there are Daash (ISIS) remnants in Iraq and in northeast Syria, we’ll have the coalition pursue them,” OIR Spokesman Col. Wayne Marotto told Middle East Center for Reporting and Analysis (MECRA) in Erbil, before a MECRA reporter flew to Syria by helicopter with the Coalition.

“We work by with and through our SDF partners in northeast Syria, we have approximately 900 US soldiers there. We continue to work with them so they can build that capacity to fight Daash (ISIS) independently. So there are partners, we work with them. We have our soldiers out there. Our mission has not changed in northeast Syria with the SDF. We continue to work by, with and through the SDF…”

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