voting machine (digital)

Source: Chad Groening

A tea party leader says he is pleased that New Hampshire officials want to thoroughly investigate voting irregularities regarding Dominion-owned voting machines.

The hand recount recently conducted for a New Hampshire state representative race in which Democrat Kristi St. Laurent came within 24 votes of winning revealed that the four Dominion-owned voting machines in the town of Windham had shorted her Republican challenger by 99 votes. Three other Republicans there were also shorted 6% by the machines that were used in 85% of towns throughout the state.

“New Hampshire was like one of the biggest successes for Republicans in the whole 2020 election,” recalls Tom Zawistowski, president of the tea party-affiliated We the People Convention. “They flipped the House and the Senate in New Hampshire and really had big gains, and yet Trump still lost in a very close race.”

This particular recount was observed by dozens of people, and according to one report, “everyone was mystified by the results.” Zawistowski says the audit was revealing.

“It’s just like every single one of the Republicans, when they did the hand count of the paper ballots, every one of them wound up with 300 more votes,” the conservative reports. “They didn’t do any other races, [but] now they’re doing an audit of all their machines. After they announced they were going to try to do this audit, the attorney general and secretary of state of New Hampshire told them that they want to take possession, they want to confiscate all the machines in that county.”

The New Hampshire Senate voted 24-0 on Monday to order a complete audit, and Republican Governor Chris Sununu said that the state will not let the Windham voting irregularity “slip by.