Source: Mike Miller

Over the roughly three weeks since the death of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, el Rushbo has randomly popped into my mind along the way, and for an instant, it hits me that he’s gone. To Rushophiles across America, there will never be another Rush.

But now a shocking report reveals disturbing information found in Rush’s death certificate; information so inexcusable, Maha Rushie is likely to lose tens of millions of dittoheads as the real Rush Limbaugh is finally exposed — with no opportunity to redeem himself.

As reported by TMZ — in an “exclusive” report — the crack TMZ supersleuths have discovered under “occupation” on Rush’s death certificate, his job title is described as:

Greatest Radio Show Host of All Time.”

Bo Snerdley — whose real name is James Golden — Rush’s longtime call screener, producer, and engineer, tweeted out the shocking news soon after it broke.

Check it out, just off Rush’s left shoulder.

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