Source: Joe Hoft

The Biden White House won’t answer many questions without having to ‘circle back’.  They won’t touch questions regarding the number of children in cages at the Southern Border or how the election was stolen in 2020 but they will take questions about a cat.

The manner in which the media addresses the illegitimate Biden White House is the opposite approach they took with the legitimate Trump Administration.

Just look at the questions raised from the press for the Biden White House –

The Media is too corrupt to challenge the legitimacy of the 2020 election.  They won’t dare report on the hundreds of thousands of illegitimate ballots around the nation that were needed to steal the election for Biden.

This same media tore into President Trump over the Obama Administration’s policy of keeping children in cages at the Border, knowing the entire exercise was a creation of the Obama Administration:

The media criticized the Trump Administration for doing the same thing with children that Obama did but now they give the Biden Administration a pass like they did Obama.

One big reason for the stolen 2020 election and the corruption in the DC swamp is because the media won’t address any of it. This must change for the US to be great again.