Source: Joe Hoft

One Big Media outlet is honest about Joe Biden’s poor health, unfortunately, it’s in Australia.

Australia’s Sky News is honest about Joe Biden and his senility.  Unlike the corrupt and dishonest news media in the US at least Sky has it right.  For more than a year we have reported that Biden has lost it.  He is suffering from dementia.  He loses his train of thought and has to be directed like a geriatric patient to where he needs to go.  We’ve seen him numerous times stop and just stare into space.  He’s not thinking, he’s losing it.

Well, Sky News in Australia is honestly reporting on Joe Biden’s health.  Unlike the rest of the Big media that follow instructions and will not touch Biden’s obvious health issues, Sky News will.  In a recent report they shared the following:

This bloke Biden walks on both sides of the road.  As I keep asking, are some of these politicians dumb or duplicitous, or both?  He upholds the values of America, but lets in illegal immigrants.  He’ll create jobs but destroys thousands in shutting down a pipeline.  He hates cultural norms but accepts that China’s brutality is a consequence of different norms in each country.  He’s going to be the leader of the global warming crusade ‘net zero carbon dioxide emissions’, but he loves the fire in the Oval Office and sometimes adds a log himself, thereby producing the carbon dioxide on which he recons he’ll spend trillions to reduce.  Many people would say, the biggest log is the one not going on the fire.”