Hence GA GOP Refusal To Return To Paper Ballots

This Is Why CDMedia Is Creatively Destructing The Corporate Media...They Are All Taking Money From China

Source: CDMedia

CDMedia has discussed with a private investigative team working in Georgia on their theory of why and how the election fraud was prosecuted in the Peach State in 2020 and beyond.

This team believes the GA GOP installed machine voting over the last few years in order to take advantage of vulnerabilities and to maintain power in the face of a concerted voter fraud effort from the Democrat Party.

There was also allegedly a lot of money to be made in the process for those involved.

Because of this alleged history, the reasons for the GA GOP’s refusal to remove the machines in favor of verifiable, auditable, transparent voting becomes obvious. This is possibly why removing the machines is not in any of the omnibus bills currently before the GA legislature, according to the theory.

The team also believes the Democrat Party in GA worked with the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) to overcome any GOP advantage through massive election fraud, which consisted of a barrage of illegal tactics, including machine access via the internet, to defeat the Republican hold on power.

Evidence Of Chinese Involvement In November Fulton County, GA Election Surfaces

One thing is for sure. The voting process in GA is completely corrupt, seemingly on both sides. As the GA legislature votes on pending bills, GA citizens need to apply pressure to ensure a just outcome.

A Federal grand jury investigation is needed to decide if these claims are not just a theory.

What ever happened to just good old paper ballots?