Source: CD Media Staff

A Ballot Inspection Hearing was heard today in Atlanta, GA on motions to compel Fulton Co. to “Show Us the Ballots” in a case filed by

Garland Favorito runs the non-profit fighting for election integrity in Georgia.

Attorneys for Fulton County, where the infamous ‘Ruby’ video showing election workings scanning ballots multiple times in the middle of the night after forcing Republican monitors to leave State Farm Arena, declared they had only 29 days to prepare and by law are allowed 30. The incredulous judge gave them until this Monday to be ready to argue why citizens of Georgia should not be able to see their own ballots.

The Fulton Co. Elections attorney told the court that she never received the same motion the court and her fellow court attorney in the same office received from us. Then she said was not prepared to proceed on another motion because only 29 of the 30 days allotted for her response had elapsed. When we reconvene on Monday, is she going to tell the judge the dog ate her legal brief?” asked Favorito.

The delaying circus continues by Democrat officials with questionable ethics in the county known for voter fraud historically in the Peach State.