On Monday Joe Biden announced the US military will focus on making “maternity flight suits” — because having pregnant women serving in wartime theater is essential for the survival of this great nation.

Source: Jim Hoft

FOX News host Tucker Carlson later mocked the idea on his popular FOX News evening program.

That’s when US Military brass went after Tucker Carlson in a well planned coordinated attack.

On Thursday Command Senior Enlisted Leader of United States Space Command, Scott H. Stalker, attacked Tucker Carlson in an angry tirade saying, “Pregnant women are going to fight our wars.”

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Stalker slammed Tucker Carlson for daring to offer his opinion on the military after not serving in the US military.

Stalker then went on to link pregnant women to having a lean, ready and fit force — which made absolutely no sense.

Stalker then hurled out a straw man argument that we value women and families serving in the military.
How this guy got to where he is in the military is beyond comprehension.

On Friday Stalker tried to clean up his attack on Tucker Carlson saying his comments about Tucker Carlson were not an attack on Tucker Carlson.

Then he insists in his video that he was making a non-political statement about his teammates in the United States Armed Forces.
That’s a crock.

The rest of his statement is just as pathetic and dishonest.
This guy is a clown.

Jack Posobiec weighed in.

For the record, Stalker or Twitter erased all of the negative comments below his tweet.
It’s what they do.