Source: Tayler Hansen

A homeless ANTIFA organizer was nearly in tears last night after the terrorist group’s riot tactics were unsuccessful on the anniversary of the death of Breonna Taylor.

A local was attacked directly prior to Niko, ANTIFA organizer having a mental breakdown.

In the first video, she can be heard voicing her frustrations with the group and failed tactics that led to multiple arrests.

It’s not easy for me to just be out here everyday because remember i’m fucking homeless.

Everything we did today, was NOTHING for Breonna Taylor.

“Name one thing you did today that was good for Breonna Taylor. That shoud show that she should get justice. What? Ni**as running up the stairs when there’s disabled people in our group?”

There’s 8X as many White people in this crowd than there are Black people.

– Niko, Homeless ANTIFA Organizer.