Source: Joe Hoft

Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 policies for the weak and aged in New York last year led to tens of thousands dead in nursing homes and other facilities throughout the state.   The cost on workers in these facilities was also great.

We reported in 2020 on the absurd policies New York Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated for the state that led to tens of thousands of deaths in New York

We presented a number of articles related to Cuomo’s actions with COVID in the state. Then last week we reported that the workers in these facilities did not want to work them and were forced and coerced to do so.

Now another report at the Washington Examiner indicates that there were over 10,000 workers at the elderly and disabled person facilities that caught COVID-19 and over 30 of these workers died as a result. Tori Richards at the Washington Examiner reports that the number of workers in New York facilities was staggering:

The coronavirus infected 10,311 care workers, killing 32, who are forced to staff New York state group homes with a practice of co-mingling healthy and sick residents, according to a Washington Examiner investigation.

According to multiple whistleblowers who spoke with the Washington Examiner, employees were deceived, intimidated, and threatened into staffing infectious facilities within New York’s 7,000-home network, which had the same policies as Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nursing homes. New, infected residents were allowed into healthy homes, but the disease was spread throughout the network by staff who rotated in and out of infected homes.

The situation in New York was horrible.  It was the worst in the nation and the world.  Much of this could have been avoided if Governor Cuomo would have protected the high-risk candidates from COVID-19 rather than immerse them in COVID-19 contaminated facilities.