Greek Shepherd Devastated as Migrants Continue Butchering ...

Source: Dan Lyman

A shepherd on the Greek island of Lesvos says migrants continue to steal and butcher his beloved animals.

Fotis Giounis lives near a large asylum camp at Mavrovouni (also known as Kara Tepe) where over 7,000 ‘refugees’ are currently staying, as Infowars Europe recently reported.

Gangs of migrants are known to haul substantial amounts of raw meat back to camp to be eaten or sold.

In a new interview, Giounis can be seen weeping as he tells of the hardships he has endured to build and cultivate his herds, upon which his family deeply depends.

“My mother has never seen me crying about these things,” Giounis said. “I created all this (by selling milk) with a bicycle. I was living five months in a tent, and they destroy everything in two hours.”

“I don’t want to be given animals or reparations. I want my peacefulness, to be able to go home and not worry. We shepherds cannot migrate.”

The shepherd has said he must sometimes spend days away from his children in order to guard his flock.

After recently going home for a few hours, Giounis returned to find five more animals from his herd butchered. He says 15 were killed the previous week.

“They [migrants] get welfare. How am I supposed to live? A whole flock is butchered,” he lamented.

In a previous interview, Giounis expressed his concern that “groups of armed people are wandering here in the mountains, looking for our farms – and apparently they are familiar with the use of knives.”