The people are furious over the NYC mayor’s epic failure to address soaring crime in the city.

Source: Infowars

Embattled New York Mayor Bill de Blasio was chased away by a hostile crowd during an ant-Asian crime vigil on Friday.

The Democrat mayor’s attempt to express solidarity with the Asian community following a tragic shooting in Atlanta was derailed by angry participants questioning his leadership.

“What are you going to do about it?” the onlookers kept shouting.

The heckling became so fierce that de Blasio abandoned the event and escaped to his motorcade as participants chased after him screaming obscenities.

Public opinion for de Blasio has soured tremendously since the COVID-19 restrictions led to a massive spike in violent crime across New York City.

As Tucker Carlson noted last week, the shooting in Atlanta was not likely racially motivated, and that Asian-Americans are disproportionately targeted by black attackers, according to FBI statistics.

But that hasn’t stopped the left from espousing their “white supremacist” narrative.