Source: Arjun Walia

In Brief

  • The Facts:Filmmaker Jeremy Corbell has obtained unclassified slides and videos of UFO encounters with a Navy destroyer showing what appear to be triangle or pyramid shaped UFOs
  • Reflect On:What are the implications for humanity if we are being visited and have been visited for a long time by life from elsewhere?

What Happened: A few years ago, the Pentagon released video footage of a military encounter of UFOs with Navy fighter pilots, the Navy has since confirmed the authenticity of the videos and the pilots involved in the encounter have gone on record speaking about their experience, as have hundreds of other military pilots from around the world who have experienced the same thing. Last year, the Navy released even more official documentation with regards to recent incidents with unidentified aircraft encounters. This recent slew of bizarre events in 2019 remain unexplained according to a recent statement by the Chief of Naval Operations.

So what’s the latest news regarding these incidents? According to filmmaker Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell, who became more well known in the field due to his recent documentary on supposed UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar,

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