Source: Palmeri Report

Joe Biden won Nevada in the 2020 election by 34,000 votes.  There was much more corruption included in these numbers than the winning margin.  Yesterday the Nevada Secretary of State was censored for her role in the state’s corrupt 2020 election results.

The Palmeri Report noted last night:

The Nevada GOP censured Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske.

The vote was 126-112.

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They censured her over the fact she didn’t stand up to voter fraud.

The AP reported:

Nevada’s Republican Party voted to censure the secretary of state, accusing her of failing to fully investigate allegations of fraud in the 2020 election. She says there was no widespread fraud and that her own party is attacking her for refusing to “put my thumb on the scale of democracy.”

Barbara Cegavske, the only Republican statewide office holder in Nevada, said members of her party are disappointed with the election results and believe fraud occurred “despite a complete lack of evidence to support that belief.”

Of course, the Nevada Secretary of State should have been censored on 42,000 counts.  The 2020 Election in Nevada was stolen for Joe Biden and he’s how we know.  For starters, there were over 42,000 people who voted more than once in Nevada:

Also, the signature system was basically turned off in the state. No signature verification was in place (note hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots were cast in the state). Anyone could fill out a signature for any ballot and no one checked the signature:

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