Source: Joe Hoft

Owen Shroyer from Infowars was on the Southern Border Tuesday evening filming what appears to be an illegal alien smuggling ring on the border.

The Operation Head of the facility that Shroyer is filming confronted Shroyer and another individual for filming his operation. He threatened to call the cops on Shroyer. The man was visibly upset that Shroyer was filming what appeared to be an operation for smuggling illegal aliens into the country.

This facility was different because all the women who got off the Homeland Security bus appeared to be pregnant and all were with children in tow.

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What does Obama-Biden have going on now on America’s Southern border? We never saw this stuff until Obama was President.  It was clear that Obama wanted to destroy this country and bring in people who he could immediately place on public assistance programs. The Democrats hoped this will keep them in power and make America less powerful at the same time. But their strategy sucked, was unpopular and no one wanted it, so they had to steal the election to do it again.

These people involved in these seditious illegal acts should be indicted for sedition – from whoever is behind this program, to the elites who support this, on down.