Source: Mike Miller

As we reported on Tuesday, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld’s move from Saturday nights to a Monday-Friday format is already paying “yuuge” dividends in the ratings column for Fox and Gutfeld —at the direct expense of CNN and “Cuomo Tonight.”

While Gutfeld has always been a guy in competition with himself — I watched him since the first “Red Eye” in 2007 — the delight he gets from sticking it to CNN couldn’t be more obvious, be it in the ratings-war, head-to-head competition, or in returning fire when one or more of the CNN clown car drivers are foolish enough to take a shot at him.

The “Don’t mess with me” host used his opening monologue on Monday’s “Gutfeld!” to absolutely annihilate “virtue-signaling” CNN, Jim Acosta, Chris Cuomo, and his favorite target, “low-rated,” “morbidly-obese,” pie-eating” Brian Stelter. Yeah, ouch.

Gutfeld began the monologue with a clip of Acosta using a desperate-looking Groundhog Day “joke” to mock Donald Trump as “a loser,” an obvious example of the emotional scars this petty little self-important man still bears after constant humiliation — most of it self-inflicted — during the four years of the Trump administration.

He then moved to the never-gets-old clip of Fredo — triumphantly emerging from his basement after his bout with COVID. The only problem was the whole thing was crap. Cuomo had not only been out of the basement and out of his house; he had earlier “famously” tried to pick a fight with a fellow Long Island resident.

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