A Catholic church just blocks away from the violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests in Minneapolis was set ablaze Monday night.

The fire occurred just two days after Rep. Maxine Waters incited civil unrest in the area. reports: While it has not been confirmed that the blaze was the result of arson or that the Black Lives Matter “activists” around the corner were involved, it would be an odd coincidence considering they have been threatening all week to burn houses of worship to the ground. Meanwhile, cheers rang out from among many of the protesters when the smoke began rising from Sacred Heart of Jesus Polish National Catholic Church.

Nevertheless, the storyline coming from local media is that there are “no indications” the fire was intentionally set. Considering they are still fighting the fire, saying there are no indications of intentionality is a meaningless statement.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Did Maxine Waters’ incitement to violence cause this? Firefighters responded to a church fire in northeast Minneapolis Monday evening after closing arguments in the Chauvin trial concluded. Tensions are very high after Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters threatened Chauvin jurors and incited mob violence.

Rep. Waters told BLM protesters to “get more confrontational with authorities.” The church is located on the 2200 block of 5th St. NE, about 10 minutes from the protest downtown.

Here’s what was happening blocks away before the fire started:

Arson investigators have been called to the scene. There were reported people in the building when the fire started by they were able to evacuate in time. According to @CrimeWatchMpls:

The death by Fentanyl overdose of Saint George Floyd continues to prompt “peaceful protesters” and BLM “activists” into action. At what point do BLM supporters realize they’re funding domestic terrorists? Or do they already know?