“Get your money, girls!” the drag queen tells the children.

Source: Jamie White

Shocking footage out of Los Angeles shows a drag queen tranny parading young children around on stage for cash.

“Get your money, girls!” the lead drag queen declares on the stage as two children pose for onlookers.

But activist Angela Stanton King, disturbed by what she was witnessing, began recording the disgusting display and going off on the perversion.

“Why in the hell to do these people got these f*cking little bitty-ass kids at this f*cking drag show, y’all?” King asks viewers.

“It’s 11:40 at night, yo,” another woman chimes in.

“It is 11:40 at night, these people have children in a f*cking drag show in LA on the beach, I mean look at this sh*t,” she says, and pans the camera to the stage where what looks to be two little girls with long hair and short dresses are being led across the stage by the drag queen.

“Telling her ‘get her f*cking money,’” King continues, “look at this f*cking bullsh*t, look at this at this bullsh*t now. Look! Look! They’re giving them f*cking money now!”

As onlookers throw money at the children, the drag queen starts taking his cut.

“Hold on, that’s a twenty,” the drag queen says to one of the girls, taking the money and stuffing it into his bra.

“Little girls, now. Look at this sh*t! Look at this sh*t! And f*cking throwing money at these little girls,” King says.

King also recorded herself complaining to the manager about the pedophiliac activity.

“I don’t understand why I’m seeing children posing, collecting money off the floor like they on a stripper stage, when this is an adult environment,” she tells him. “I feel very offended and disrespected by being a survivor of sexual abuse. Those are very small children. Why would ya’ll allow something like that at your establishment?”