Source: Arjun Walia

In Brief

  • The Facts:There are a number of pictures and videos of UFOs out there, but only some are ‘confirmed’ as real. Other sightings like this one from Pordenone, Italy are intriguing, and we may not want to wait for government to tell us it’s OK to consider it.
  • Reflect On:What are the implications of waiting on government and intelligence agencies, who have long covered up this subject, to tell us which sightings are real and which are not? Why are they the authority?

As many of you reading this probably already know, the Pentagon recently confirmed a video of multiple triangle shaped UFOs. According to the Pentagon, this video was taken by Navy personnel, and it’s authentic. They do not provide an explanation of the phenomenon seen in the video however.

Many UFO skeptics, and UFO researchers who are not skeptics have responded, claiming that the footage may be fake but fail to address the why they came to that belief. Perhaps some feel the Pentagon is lying to the public, claiming that their footage is authentic when it really isn’t. But what would be the purpose of that? This is not a bad thought to have. This would suggest that Pentagon may be deceiving the masses about the reality of the UFO phenomenon not only with this footage, but also with three previous videos filmed by Navy pilots released a few years ago, which have also been confirmed as “real” by the Pentagon.

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