Source: Joe Martino

In Brief

  • The Facts:An alleged leaked email from a member of an apparent ‘LPC Strategic Committee’ in Canada contains some warnings from how Canada’s COVID plan will roll out. There is no evidence this email is authentic.
  • Reflect On:As we explore in this piece, there are reasons to consider what evidence we choose to use to discuss the questionable nature by which government is handling COVID-19. Is this really good evidence?

Around mid October 2020, an alleged email from a member of a committee group in Canada was apparently leaked to the public. Firstly, there is no evidence this email is real, but it has been shared and talked about by a lot of people as if it were real. Some online fact checkers have debunked the piece as fake, however, the discussion I wish to have here is a bit different, and I will get to it by the end of this piece.

In the alleged email we hear a warning from an supposed member of an ‘LPC Strategic Committee,’ a group that we can’t find proof actually exists just yet, which doesn’t mean it couldn’t exist, just that there is no evidence of it. Nonetheless, the email outlined an intense plan for Canada’s COVID-19 response that the Trudeau government was allegedly working on.

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