Source: Joe Hoft/ Nworeport

New Maricopa County Judge did not issue a restraining order today after an hour-plus long hearing. The audit in Arizona continues until tomorrow, reported Disclose TV.

Judge says he will rule on injunction then. He added that so far he doesn’t see “proper protection” in place for Arizona voter rights, i.e. he may enforce the injunction tomorrow.

Reports are that the new judge in the Democrats’ latest attempt to prevent the Senate’s audit of the 2020 results was assigned by former Democrat Governor Janet Napolitano.  New hearing scheduled for tomorrow.

The new judge in the Democrats Maricopa County case where they are again trying to stop any audit by the Senate of the County’s 2020 election results was appointed by Janet Napolitano, the former governor and Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security:

Reporter Brahm Resnik in Arizona says the current thinking is that the recusal of Judge Coury may allow Cyber Ninjas enough time to finish their work but the Democrats have told him they hope to have a hearing sooner than 10 days:

Now according to the attorneys in the case the new judge has set the hearing for Tuesday: