Source: Bonchie

Last night’s address to Congress was pretty much what you’d expect. Joe Biden stumbled through a speech that managed to be both boring and incredibly radical at the same time. It was almost impressive.

The Fraudulent president’s handlers stuffed every left-wing trope imaginable into the text, ranging from massive new spending to claims of white supremacist terrorism being our greatest threat to disgusting proclamations about January 6th being the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War. As I’m prone to say, we live in the dumbest of times.

Of course, no Biden rant would be complete without him showing his absolute ignorance of the Second Amendment. The man who is surrounded by armed guards with automatic weapons wants you to know that you simply don’t need a 100-round magazine to hunt.

Why would I go talk to a hunter about the Second Amendment? That’s like talking to a hairstylist about surgical work because both fields make use of scissors. Yes, hunting is an assumed use of firearms under the Second Amendment, but it is not at all the reason for its existence. And what does magazine capacity have to do with body armor? A long-barreled rifle chambered in any normal hunting caliber that holds only five rounds is typically going to penetrate body armor better than a .223 Remington round from an AR-15. Biden is just spewing anti-gun ideas that aren’t even congruent.

The Second Amendment was created so that ordinary citizens could keep and bear arms, thereby being able to organize into militias to fight threats, foreign or domestic. Hunting wasn’t even on the radar (though, it was assumed because it was such a normal part of life), and bringing it up shows a profound ignorance of the topic at hand.

As to why someone needs a 100-round magazine, the answer is simple: Because they want one. Any more questions?

I do not need Joe Biden’s input on what size magazines I can have for my various guns. It’s absolutely none of his business. Rights do not have to be justified because some government tyrant doesn’t like how people use said rights. No, high-capacity magazines aren’t typically used for hunting, but they are used all the time for target shooting. They also represent an ability for the weapon to be used effectively for defense, whether we are talking home defense or via a militia in some dire situation. An AR-15 with a 30-round magazine is one of the best home defense weapons on the planet, for example.

Nothing that comes out of Biden’s mouth is new or profound. His rhetoric is simply a return of every ’90s-era platitude about guns and gun ownership. These arguments have been defeated over and over, but they keep returning. They will be defeated again.