DUBAI, UAE – A brawl involving thirteen men in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, has left 3 men dead, and three severely injured.

Dubai Police say 10 men have been arrested following the ‘violent brawl’ which involved the combatants wielding knives and bats,

The men were all described as Asian.

The brawl took place in the Naif district of Deira, but police would not say when it occurred.

Several people fled the scene before officers arrived but were traced within 24 hours.

“Police patrols and criminal investigations teams were dispatched to the area at once,” Brig Jamal Al Jallaf, head of criminal investigations said Wednesday.

“They found three dead bodies at the crime scene.”

“Three men who sustained severe injuries as a result of being assaulted with sharp weapons were also found in the same area and were taken to hospital for treatment,” Brigadier Al Jallaf said.

“They were arrested and questioned and will be referred to Dubai prosecution to face charges, including those who were injured.”