Case will be added to national tally of 112 people who died due to Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated.

Source: Adan Salazar

An elderly woman in Nebraska passed away from Covid-19 two weeks after she was fully vaccinated against the virus, sending health officials scrambling to explain the death and defend the experimental jabs.

The Kearney woman in her 80s, who reports claim had underlying medical conditions, had just received her second dose of Pfizer 14 days prior to contracting Covid-19, which led to her death.

“The woman’s death is the only one identified so far in a Nebraska resident who was considered fully vaccinated against the disease,” reports the Lincoln Journal Star.

According to the Star, the case will be added to a national tally of 112 people who died due to Covid-19, despite being fully vaccinated.

The death underscores the phenomenon of so-called “breakthrough cases,” which involve people testing positive for, or contracting, Covid days, weeks or months after being vaccinated.

Despite the woman’s death, Nebraska officials are still urging the public to take the shot.

“We understand that no vaccine or medication is 100% effective when used by millions of people,” claimed Nebraska Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary Anthone, adding, “This does not negate the importance of vaccination and all of the positive effects of vaccination.”