Source: Nworeport

Soon, very, very soon nothing FB, Twitter, and Google can do will hide what is about to take place! They will be in total SHOCK as all the millions and millions of dollars they spent will be for nothing! All the lies and cover-ups will be revealed. All the so-called fact-checkers will be revealed to be nothing more than Fake Propaganda. They think they are powerful. They think they can control everything, including our lives! Soon they will find out they have made a devastating mistake and have underestimated the power of God! Soon the power that they do have will be brought down to nothing! The big 3 will be no more. All throughout the United States people will celebrate and praise the one who brought the victory in this Land. The one who will take down the lies of who is the President. The one who will and has healed this Land! The one these people now in power think they have defeated. The one who will put Trump back into the White House. The I AM!