Source: Tsionizm Staff

These are just some of the headlines coming out of Israel in the last 24 hours.

Rocket attacks hit Israeli capital of Jerusalem

Rocket fire emerges from Gaza into Israel

Jew nearly lynched outside of Old City after Arabs pelted car with rocks and he loses control

Public bomb shelters being opened in the south of Israel

Knesset evacuated in Israel due to Hamas rocket attack

Clashes on the Temple Mount and in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound

Jerusalem on brink of eruption: More clashes in and around Al Aqsa mosque on Monday morning. East Jerusalem braces for a planned Jewish nationalist march later today.

Israeli Troops Raid Al Aqsa Mosque

Hamas military wing issues ultimatum: Israel must withdraw police forces from Al-Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah by 6 pm today. Israeli army orders all combat units to get ready and prepare for escalation, according to an Israeli state broadcaster.

It is obvious the OBiden administration has opened the flood gates and green lighted violence by Palestinian terrorists, supported by Iran, against The Jewish State. There is a reason this scenario did not happen under the Trump presidency. It simply was not allowed. OBiden is allowing it, even encouraging it.

The anti-Israeli forces sense an opportunity under OBiden to finally destroy The Jewish State once and for all. This has coincided with the effort to destroy the security-focused government of Benjamin Netanyahu, very similar to what happened to Donald Trump.

Expect extreme violence in the near future in the Levant and the rest of the Middle East as Iranian militia forces are unleashed.