Senator says Fauci is “leading you on to believe something that’s not true”

Source: Steve Watson

Following another confrontation between Senator Rand Paul and White House medical advisor Anthony Fauci Tuesday, during which Paul questioned Fauci about his extensive ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, CNN’s Anderson Cooper declared that Paul should “have more respect at least for medical science.”

Reporting on the exchange, the CNN host proclaimed that Paul is “an ophthalmologist. You would think that he would be — have more respect at least for medical science.”

It’s unclear how asking valid questions about Fauci and the NIH’s funding of the Wuhan lab where dangerous experiments on bat coronaviruses were being conducted represents a disrespect for science.

Cooper later repeated Fauci’s claim that Paul and other GOP Senators are “playing to the cameras.”

“The idea that Fauci is somehow a villain to Trump-allied politicians. What does one even say to that idea?” Cooper proclaimed.

Cooper also stated “We should also point out, Dr. Fauci, in his exchange with Sen. Paul, did stress that he fully supports further investigation into the origins of COVID-19.”