Babbitt was gunned down in cold blood by an unidentified Capitol police officer.

Source: Nworeport

Arizona House Rep. Paul Gosar (R) pressed President Trump’s former acting US Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen for answers on the death of Ashli Babbitt, who was shot in cold blood by a DC police officer on January 6.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday, Gosar attempted to uncover the identity of the Capitol officer who gunned down the unarmed 35-year-old San Diego native inside the Capitol building outside the Speaker’s Chamber.

“Mr. Rosen, do you recall the name of the young lady, a veteran wrapped in an American flag, that was killed in the US capitol?” Gosar asked.

“I do. Her name was Ashli Babbitt,” Rosen responded.

“Yes, Ashli Babbitt,” Gosar confirmed, going on to ask if she was armed.

“Again, congressman, I mean to be respectful of your observations, I just don’t want to talk about individual situations,” Rosen said, as Rep. Gosar answered his own question acknowledging she was not armed.

“Was the death of Ashli Babbitt a homicide?” Gosar asked next, which Rosen again refused to answer.

“I understand, but…as the death certificate claims, it was a homicide,” Gosar confirmed, before proceeding to ask, “Who executed Ashli Babbitt?”

Again, Rosen did not provide a straight answer.

For months now, the feds have kept a tight lid on the identity of Babbitt’s killer, as internet sleuths have attempted to discover the shooter’s identity.

In April, federal prosecutors announced the Capitol officer involved in the killing would not face charges of criminal wrongdoing.

Meanwhile, the FBI has gone on to arrest many of the journalists, including Infowars’ own Sam Montoya, who witnessed and documented the historic incident in real time.

Rep. Gosar also noted holes in the narrative surrounding the death of Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, picking apart the lie that he died during the raid.

“He died of natural causes,” Gosar said.