Source: Joel B. Pollak

Video has emerged appearing to show a rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists, hitting a civilian bus in the Israeli city of Holon during a barrage on Monday night.

The rocket was one of several that Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system failed to intercept, as terrorists fired hundreds of rockets in an effort to overwhelm the countermeasures. Many rockets were destroyed in mid-flight, but some found their way to civilian targets, killing and wounding both Jews and Arabs.

The video below, and its aftermath, were circulated on social media Monday and Tuesday. At the start of the video, locals are seen marveling at the explosions caused by Iron Dome missiles hitting the incoming Palestinian rockets. Then, a rocket hits. After ducking into doorways, locals rush toward the fire:

The bus driver was seriously injured; six other people were treated for light injuries.

Holon is south of Tel Aviv, part of Israel’s heavily populated central region, which has come under sustained bombardment for the first time. Breitbart News can report that rocket attacks have subsided there in the past several hours, but continue in Israel’s southern border town, which are in closer range of the short-rang rockets that are thought to comprise the bulk of the Hamas arsenal.

Israel does all it can to protect Palestinian civilians.

What you see here is the Palestinian guard of a Gaza apartment building receiving a call from the Israeli army about an impending airstrike to enable him to notify and evacuate residents in

— Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) May 12, 2021

Now with English and Hebrew captions.

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— Avi Mayer (@AviMayer) May 12, 2021