Source: CD Media Staff

In his email distribution today, AZ Representative Mark Finchem declared the AZ Senate may look to expand their election audit to down-ballot races in the state. This would be a major escalation in the fight for election integrity in the United States, as if fraud is found down-ballot, other states could also be inspired to audit their results as well.

Now, the media is forced to report real-time actions and they cannot react fast enough with their spin. The Arizona Senate is deciding whether expanding its audit of 2020 election ballots from Maricopa County should include all contests, not just for presidential electors and U.S. Senate. There is an interest in testing the voting machines by examining results from all of the races.

“It is important for constituents to remember that America has never witnessed a forensic audit of this magnitude. The Senate’s audit team is continually adjusting to what they find so that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of accuracy concerning what will likely prove to be the most important elections event of the decade, if not the century,” said Rep. Mark Finchem.

In a public statement, the Senate’s Forensic Audit Liaison said, “We are looking with other companies to do a machine tabulation of all the races on the ballot to compare with the Dominion tabulation back in November. We will be looking at the images of all 2.1 million ballots.

”The examination would not involve a physical recount like the one underway at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Rather, it would be a separate examination using digital images of each ballot.