Source: Arjun Walia

In Brief

  • The Facts:In 1976, residents of Tehran, Iran noticed a big bright object in the sky. The airport traffic controller also noticed. Military jets were scrambled and a game of “cat and mouse” ensued.
  • Reflect On:What will the realization that we are been and have been visited by other intelligence do to human consciousness?

Mainstream UFO disclosure continues to accelerate at a tremendous pace. The U.S. Navy has released multiple videos and pictures of unknown objects (as well as testimony from the personnel involved) performing maneuvers and travelling at speeds that no known man made piece of machinery is capable of doing. The latest footage comes from the USS Omaha. It shows a spherical object that mysteriously disappeared into the ocean. The truth is, military encounters with these objects is nothing new, in fact it’s been happening for decades and the phenomenon has been well documented. There are thousands of encounters to choose from that provide a description of such events: the testimony of the personnel involved, radar tracking information, and in some cases, photographs and video of the object.

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