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Swedish novelist Jonas Gardell has claimed that his homosexuality is a “gift from God” in response to remarks from a pastor critical of same-sex marriage and gender identity ideology.

Gardell, who is known in Sweden for his novels, several plays, and two screenplays that have been made into feature-length films, has also enjoyed a highly successful stand-up comedy career and is open about his homosexuality.

In an open letter published by the newspaper Expressen, Gardell states: “My homosexuality is a gift from the God who created me so excessively wonderful, and it is not up to you to deny or despise His creation.”

The letter is a response to an article written by Swedish Evangelical pastor Stefan Sward, who questioned how modern gender ideology could fit with the theology of the Bible.

“How to define a human being is a fundamental theological question. According to the Bible, the Creator has made us a man or a woman. I cannot find any other form of gender identity or sexual identity in the biblical worldview,” Sward wrote.

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