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Joe Biden began randomly shouting and screaming in the middle of the speech.

What made this incident jarring is that Joe Biden was speaking to an empty room.

That’s right: Joe Biden was giving his speech through the camera.

This means that there was no crowd, no applause, and no cheering for Biden to have to speak over.

There was no extra “energy” from the crowd that would have revved Biden up.

Instead, he was reading a calm speech from the teleprompter until he began shouting and screaming for no reason.

See the alarming incident below:

Biden randomly starts shouting in the middle of his remarks on Asian “hate crimes”

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) May 20, 2021

💥💥💥Joe Biden Slams His Hand on Podium, Randomly Starts Shouting in the Middle of His Remarks Like a Tyrant 💥💥💥❗️(VIDEO) via @gatewaypundit

— Neesie 🇺🇸 (@neesietweets) May 20, 2021

Biden starts randomly shouting during this speech at the wrong time. Alzheimers for sure.

— Will in Utah Never Vacciner (ne/ander/thal) 🇺🇸 (@Will_in_Utah) May 20, 2021

Well, many social media users are pointing out that spontaneous outbursts are a sign of dementia.

Now, we are not making any claims.

We are simply pointing out what people are noticing.Follow on Telegram @WeLoveTrumpNoah

Daily Caring confirms that spontaneous outbursts are linked to cognitive decline:

Dementia can cause intense emotional outbursts.

When caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, there may be times when they yell, scream, or cry.

They might yell “Help! Help!” at the top of their lungs or cry inconsolably for long periods of time. This can be disturbing and upsetting for both of you.

It can also be frustrating because the person with dementia can’t explain what’s causing their distress, they can’t or won’t stop the behavior, and you don’t know how to help.

We explain some common causes of screaming and crying in dementia and share 6 things you can do to immediately calm the situation.

We also share 8 longer-term solutions that help reduce the frequency and intensity of these episodes.

The Alzheimer’s Society also states:

A person with dementia may scream, shout or moan or use abusive language, occasionally or over and over again.

To be clear: correlation does not mean causation.

However, the fact that so many people are concerned about Biden’s mental fitness to be president should be newsworthy itself.

In fact, a former White House physician for three former presidents is now ringing the alarm bells on Joe Biden:

I served as White House physician for THREE Presidents and I can tell you this: something IS NOT right with Joe Biden. He needs a cognitive exam IMMEDIATELY, and the results MUST be made public. We DESERVE to know if our President is cognitively compromised!

— Ronny Jackson (@RonnyJacksonTX) May 21, 2021

BIDEN’S BIZARRE BLUNDERS: It’s clear that Biden’s cognitive abilities are declining. He’s randomly yelling during speeches, mangling jokes and getting lost while speaking. Rep. @RonnyJacksonTX and Rep. @Bethvanduyne react to Biden’s blunders TONIGHT on “Hannity.”

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) May 21, 2021

Even foreign news sources are questioning Biden’s mental fitness.

If foreign news is questioning this, wouldn’t this mean that our enemies are as well?

This is very scary for national security.

Here is what Sky News in Australia had to say:

Hamas is testing US President Joe Biden to see what concessions might be achievable under “weak American leadership,” according to Sky News host Alan Jones.

Mr Jones said the ongoing violence in Gaza which has entered its second week gave rise to fears of a new Middle East war.

“At the centre of all this is the inept and incompetent President of the United States of America,” he said.

Former Obama administration State Department official, Brett Bruen, said President Biden came into office and tried to put the issue of Israel on the “back burner” hoping it will go away.

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Mr Jones said it is hard to imagine how a “78-year-old in cognitive decline” can comprehend these issues let alone address them.

He said the real reason for the Hamas attacks is to test the Biden administration to see what concessions it can get.

So what do you think?

Did Biden randomly begin shouting for good reason?

Or is it indicative of a deeper problem with his mental fitness?

Let us know in the comments section below!