Guards admitted “that they ‘willfully and knowingly completed materially false count and round slips regarding required counts and rounds.'”

Source: National File

The prison guards tasked with monitoring deceased finance mogul and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at the time of his death in a New York jail have agreed to a plea deal with federal prosecutors in which they admit to falsifying records from that night, in exchange for community service and no jail time.

Prison workers Tova Noel and Michael Thomas kept logs that indicated they made the required wellness checks on Epstein on the night of his death, which is shrouded in controversy. After being charged with falsifying records in 2019, the guards admitted this week “that they ‘willfully and knowingly completed materially false count and round slips regarding required counts and rounds.’”

The Associated Press reported Friday, “As part of the deal with prosecutors, they will enter into a deferred prosecution agreement with the Justice Department and will serve no time behind bars, according to a letter from federal prosecutors that was filed in court papers Friday. Noel and Thomas would instead be subjected to supervised release, would be required to complete 100 hours of community service and would be required to fully cooperate with an ongoing probe by the Justice Department’s inspector general, it says.”

As National File previously reported, Bill Gates has been accused of becoming friends with Epstein in hopes to secure a Nobel peace prize:

Now, a report from The Daily Beast claims that Gates told board members at The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that his friendship with Epstein was just motivated by the hope that Epstein would facilitate a Nobel Peace Prize for the Microsoft founder.

“Gates hoped the well-connected pervert could help him secure the Nobel Peace Prize,” the outlet reported, attributing the information to a “former Gates Foundation employee”. The Daily Beast continues, “‘This person said members of the foundation’s communications team were alerted to Gates’ relationship with Epstein and were told it “was a maneuver to try to get himself a Nobel Peace Prize.’ They said the tech mogul had even kept some employees on call on prize day in years past just in case he was awarded the distinction.”

He [Gates] thought that Jeffrey would be able to help him, that he would know the right people, or some kind of way to massage things, so he could get the Nobel Peace Prize, which is what Bill wants more than anything else in the world,” The Daily Beast reports, now identifying the former employee as a “staffer”.