Source: JD Washington

Charlotte, NC — On Monday, several media outlets were reporting that President Joe Biden’s approval rating is still strong. The Hill reported that 62% supported Biden in the most recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll that was released to the organization. I have no doubt this is probably poll manipulation at its finest.

Think back to the election, just 6 months ago, when our nation was as divided as ever. Even if you believe that Joe Biden won the 80+ million votes that the mainstream media and Democrats claim, it still was not 62%. It was somewhere around 51.3%. Are we really to believe that those who voted for Trump or third-party candidates are really getting on the Joe Biden bandwagon?

Absolutely not. Unless you are surveying a large group of Democrats or manipulating the numbers, I do not see any way you get to that level of approval rating. But The Hill was not the only one sharing some interesting numbers.

Fox News also reported that Biden was outpacing everyone before him except Barack Obama. The one line of truth in the article is perhaps that he is not as popular as Obama. There were a lot of people fooled by Barack Obama and he was very popular, especially during his first term.

Fox News had Biden’s approval rating sitting at 54%, again, well above his 51.3% voter win. I am still not buying it. Not with the number of regretful Biden voters that are seen on social media and other areas. Joe Biden is not as popular today as he was previously, especially after he began his radical movement, just as conservative media said he would.

These high poll marks follow along a recent report from The Associated Press that had Biden’s approval rating at 63%. Yes, you read that correctly. They claim that his coronavirus response has buoyed his approval rating to some of the highest levels in modern history.

I am still confused as to which coronavirus response did that for him. Is it the continuous reading of a teleprompter telling him to threaten Americans to get vaccinates, or the statements about how he is going to get in trouble for answering questions? It certainly is not the radical packages that he is trying to pass to “help” Americans that will do nothing but destroy our nation and throw us over a socialist cliff.

We all are aware that the mainstream media manipulated polls ahead of the 2020 election. Many had Biden easily winning the election by double digits in order to cast doubt in the eyes of many voters. It was their attempts at voter manipulation. Now, they are taking part in conservative manipulation.

They are attempting to manipulate the American public to turn on conservatives at any chance they can. If you fit in any category, such as you supported Trump, are a conservative, are against socialism, support small government, are an anti-masker, are anti-COVID vaccine, etc., then you are the problem. That’s what is happening here and that is what the media is attempting to do.

They want to paint the picture that a man, who is going to get in trouble for answering questions that his handlers say he cannot answer, is extremely popular. They want you to believe that the man who cannot create logical, flowing sentences or speak without a script, is this extremely popular.

They believe that if they can paint the idea that he is this popular, that Americans will eventually believe it and see how evil and horrible conservatives really are. They believe that it will help them continue to wage a war against the Trump movement, the conservative movement, and any conservative causes just because Joe Biden and his regime are “popular” in the polls.

I am simply not buying it. I am not buying the garbage that he is this popular, nor do I believe that he has accomplished one positive thing to help Americans since taking office. Each and everything he has done has damaged our economy, destroyed jobs, and moved us closer to the communist takeover that the radical left really wants. The mainstream media can say what they want about his popularity and his polls, but they are certainly not talking to the same Americans all across this country that I do.

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