Source: Nick Arama

Last night, I reported that Rand Paul was threatened with a suspicious package with white powder. This threat followed a raft of attacks on social media against him from folks on the left who were disturbed he wasn’t getting vaccinated because he had natural immunity after having had the Wuhan coronavirus. Many of the attacks on social media encouraged violence against Paul by cheering on his neighbor who had previously attacked him. Many were also by blue-checked Twitter users. But Twitter didn’t suspend them.

There’s now more detail on the threat to Paul and indeed it looks like it was related to that encouragement on social media.

Included with the white powder that was sent to Paul at his home in Kentucky was a picture showing him beaten up after his neighbor attacked him. It had a rifle pointed at him and the words, “I’ll finish what your neighbor started you motherf—–”

Right now there are a number of such threats against Paul all over Twitter. Yet Twitter hasn’t shut down any of them. Some have been up for years.

Paul’s neighbor attacked him in 2017, jumping him unprovoked and breaking six of his ribs. Paul later had to have part of his lung removed because of the serious damage done from the attack.

As Paul noted yesterday, one of the people encouraging violence against him by glorifying his neighbor was the 80s singer Richard Marx.

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