Source: Breitbart

Over 400 illegal boat migrants landed in the space of 24 hours as a protest was held in Dover against the growing migration crisis in the English Channel.

On Saturday, some 144 migrants were recorded landing on British soil, following 336 landing on Friday, according to BBC reporter Simon Jones.

While migrants were being escorted by the British Border force through the Port of Dover, where they were brought ashore to be processed by immigration officials, police made four arrests of anti-immigration activists during a protest in the English coastal town.

Protesters staged a sit-in on Snargate Street, blocking off the road for at least an hour, waving flags, carrying banners reading “Stop the Invasion”, and chanting “enough is enough”.

One protester, dubbed Brexit Brian, told local news outlet Kent Online that he is not “far-right” but came to the protest to stand up for the principle of stopping illegal migration into Britain.

“So many of us are upset about with the government and their policies, especially as most of us in this country have been on lockdown and it seems that the illegal immigrants have not had the same lockdown conditions that we have had,” he said.

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