Source: Seth Hancock

Washington, DC — “For by Him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by Him, and for Him.”—Colossians 1:16

Over the last year, videos with mysterious objects flying in the sky have emerged and have been authenticated as legitimate unidentified flying object (UFO) sightings by the Pentagon.

This month, the U.S. Congress is expected to receive unclassified reports from the Secretary of Defense and the National Intelligence Agency, and speculations have been running wild with some of whether or not the government is going to reveal the existence of intelligent alien life from other planets.

Count me as a skeptic. I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are no space aliens. While talks of space aliens can be entertaining, I fear something far more dangerous and insidious could be going on here with the current UFO buzz during a time in which we’ve watched our government lie over and over again about a cold virus and the people have largely obediently complied with the lie.

Finian Cunningham, with the Strategic Culture Foundation, thinks this smells like a psychological operation, or psyops, and there’s good reason. Our government has worked on psyops attempting to brainwash the masses, like MK Ultra in the 1950’s, and there has been evidence that the CIA has conducted fake alien abductions.

There are many possibilities behind the psyops, but Cunningham posits it may be to prepare the American public for war with China or Russia.

“The stoking of UFO controversy appears to be a classic psyops perpetrated by U.S. military intelligence for the objective of population control,” Cunningham wrote. “Its aim is to corral the citizenry under the authority of the state and for them to accept the protector function of ‘our’ military. The big trouble is that the psyops with aliens are, in turn, risking the exacerbation of fears and tensions with Russia and China.”

Cunningham added: “With all the Pentagon-assisted chatter, it is more likely that an F-18 squadron could mistake an errant weather balloon on the horizon for an alien spacecraft. And amid our new Cold War tensions, it is but a small conceptual step to further imagine that the UFO is not from outer space but rather is a Russian or Chinese hypersonic cruise missile heading towards the U.S. mainland.”

We’ve all witnessed how much power and control the government bureaucrats and politicians along with the corporate and global elites have taken over the people over the last year by propagating the fear of a virus. Imagine how much more power they could take pushing the fear of imaginary aliens.

The power-mad tyrants have all but proclaimed themselves of holding god-like powers. Maybe, this psyops is an attempt at replacing the one true God.

“The news media, as virtually all non-naïve Americans have learned these days, is about creating false realities and in current times, presenting the new globalist agenda to take over the world which embraces population control, genderlessness, equity (equal poverty and reliance on government for subsistence), no history and no religion,” wrote journalist Bill Sardi. “The latter appears to be connected to the long-anticipated space alien invasion.”

Sardi added: “Worldwide fear and anxiety has been created during the past year over a mutated virus. Now another round of fear, this over an invasion from outer space by an all-power alien force of some kind. Propaganda is increasing for an ET invasion.  Outer space aliens will be feared more than God.”

As noted by Sardi, more Americans today believe in extraterrestrials then they do in the existence of God.

That should be a sobering thought for American Christians, one that should humble us to our knees to ask for forgiveness for failing Him.

The existence of space aliens is one that fits into the evolutionist worldview, but it’s a farfetched notion for a Christian worldview.

UFOs do exist, but they’re not being piloted by alien lifeforms according to Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis. It could be experiments by men in the government or from private ventures. It could be spiritual, angel and demons. But, it is not aliens.

“A good friend of mine, Dr. Clifford Wilson… did a lot of research on UFOs,” Ham wrote. “He once told me that he concluded that, by far, the majority were either misunderstood natural phenomena or misinterpreted manmade objects. However, he did conclude there was a very small percentage that couldn’t be explained, and he allowed the possibility of some supernatural origin—albeit evil. But regardless, he, like me, does not believe in intelligent physical beings on planets other than our earth.”

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