Source: CD Media Staff

Entrepreneur Mike Lindell has sued Dominion Voting Systems in Federal court in Minnesota for over $2 billion. The lawsuit details 19 successful cyber attacks the night of November 3rd, 2020, in which 555,864 votes were flipped in six battleground states, giving the Presidency to illegitimate Joe Biden, and plunging the United States into a destructive abyss.

They have recovered the Pcap (packet capture) and may as well have a videotape of the whole thing, from a cyber perspective.

Lindell declares he has the ‘cyber packets fingerprints’ of the successful attacks.

The case was just filed at 3pm CST.

Due to Dominion’s public threats to Lindell and his company My Pillow, and attempts to silence his allegations of fraud by Dominion, Lindell’s attorneys believe there is additional liability via tort law against Dominion, and they are taking full advantage per the lawsuit.

In essence, you can’t say you didn’t if you did and win in court.

The filing can be read on the tab below: