“This is highly political. I can promise you. You’re seeing it as a major talking point from Republicans,” he says.

Source: Nworeport

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace defended Dr. Anthony Fauci on Friday following the release of thousands of his emails.

The emails, released through the Freedom of Information Act, reveal Fauci had publicly lied about gain of function research funding and mask effectiveness, and actively downplayed the Wuhan lab leak theory despite growing evidence.

“I’ve read reports and read through a number of the emails. There’s no smoking gun there that indicates that Fauci had any reason to believe this had come from the laboratory, from the Wuhan virology laboratory,” Wallace said on “America’s Newsroom.”

“I’ll answer the question, even though Jen Psaki wouldn’t — this is highly political. I can promise you. You’re seeing it as a major talking point from Republicans. I think that when Donald Trump speaks tomorrow night in North Carolina, you’re going to see him go after Fauci.”

Wallace then insisted Fauci had been “on the firing lines” since the 1980s over his public health recommendations during the AIDS pandemic.

“Let’s just remember. Anthony Fauci has been on the firing lines trying to protect Americans from public health issues since the mid-80s with AIDS. And before we start calling for his head, this guy who’s been a devoted public servant for 40 years, maybe we ought to slow down just a little bit.”

Reporter John Roberts chimed in, “Yeah, he is a survivor. There is no question about that.”

Wallace shot back, “He is more than survivor. He’s a public servant John.”

Is it standard practice for a public health expert to repeatedly lie to the public over research funding of a virus that caused a global pandemic, or about the efficacy of mask-wearing to protect from the coronavirus?

Wallace and the Biden administration, who indicated Fauci will not be fired, seem to think so.