Timeline of observations since 1950 suggests advanced technology demonstrated by these mysterious crafts not American, Russian, or Chinese.

Source: Nworeport

Classified government documents soon to be made public show the United States has been tracking UFO crafts for 70 years, according to former Pentagon official Lue Elizondo.

Elizondo made the bombshell revelation Friday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, noting that the long timeline essentially rules out the possibility that these advanced “tic-tac” aircraft belong to America, Russia, or China.

“This is a document that was obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, and it demonstrates quite clearly that we have had issues with these UAPs [Unidentified Aerial Phenomena]…at least since 1950, probably earlier,” Elizondo told host Tucker Carlson.

“And this is official US government correspondence. This isn’t some eyewitness report from a civilian. This is official government documentation from military personnel to very senior military brass.”

Elizondo said the documents describe encounters with these aircraft “on a continuing basis” over “sensitive U.S. military facilities” with nuclear capabilities, and that the implications of the 70-year timeline reveal that these aircraft are not secret U.S. technology.

“The U.S. government has finally admitted that this is not some sort of secret U.S. technology. But now there’s some wiggle room to say ‘well maybe it’s some sort of foreign adversarial technology,’” he said.

“Here’s the problem with that theory: because we know that the Russians after the Berlin Wall came down, they shared a lot of information with us,” he continued. “There was this 5-year period or so, this new romance between us and Russia where they shared a lot of their UFO information with us. And by the way, they were seeing exactly the same thing in their skies that we were.”

That leaves China as the only possible alternative, which Elizondo claimed is impossible when taking into account the state China was in during the 1950s: gripped in famine from the Great Leap Forward and with virtually no industrial technology.

“You’re talking about a country that for somehow in 70 years, has kept this technology that was at least a thousand years ahead of us, kept it secret, was able to deploy it against us all the way back in 1950,” he noted, adding that encounters with these aircraft occurred more frequently once mankind entered the Atomic Age.