Trump advisor Stephen Miller describes new legal advocacy group as the conservatives’ version of the ACLU.

Source: Nworeport

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller announced a new legal initiative to combat the left’s lawlessness in a non-profit described as the “conservative response” to the far-left American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The group, called America First Legal, has already taken on the Biden administration over a range of issues from illegal immigration to racial discrimination and civil liberties.

During a wide-ranging interview with CNS News on Friday, Miller described how America First Legal is addressing Joe Biden’s attempt to collapse the southern border in violation of federal law.

“We are a brand new organization and the way that I summarize it for people is that we are the conservative response to the ACLU,” Miller told host Rob Shimshock.

“And so we saw for the last four-plus years, how every time President Trump tried to advance a policy — a lawful policy, in the case of our administration — the left ran to a court, typically, you know, in a place like San Francisco, to try to get an injunction from a left-leaning judge and stymie our ability to effectuate conservative policy for the country. And there really isn’t any parallel to this or hasn’t been for conservatives.”

“Of course, the most important distinction between what the ACLU is doing and what we, as a brand new organization are doing: they went to court to prevent the administration from engaging in lawful conduct; we’re going to court to try to stop this administration from engaging in unlawful conduct,” Miller noted.

Miller went on to explain how America First Legal aims to hold Biden accountable to the law as written by Congress.

“And really, it comes down to a fundamental question, which is: does a president have the authority to suspend by edict, laws that have already been passed and adopted and signed by a previous administration? The answer, of course, is resoundingly no,” Miller said.

“There’s only one way a president can block law and that is before the law is enacted, he can veto it. It’s all spelled out clearly in the Constitution. He can veto a law, prior to enactment, when the bill is sent to his desk and if Congress cannot muster the votes to override it, then that law doesn’t, in fact, become law, or the bill does not become law. Once passed, a president has no authority whatsoever to suspend, rewrite, or nullify duly enacted law.”

“So this really is a core constitutional issue about the president’s fundamental obligation in the Constitution to take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” he added.

Miller went on describe how the left uses the law as a weapon to bludgeon their political enemies with rather than execute it in good faith.

“And it’s really the heart of the divide in America right now, which is that the hard left views the law as simply an instrument to advance their own agenda and objectives. It’s just another tool,” Miller said.

“In other words, it doesn’t have any inherent guidelines or structures built around it. It’s a sword; it’s a weapon. Wield it however you want, point it wherever you want, hurt whoever you want to hurt. In other words, they don’t think of it like ‘oh, we better have all these self-imposed restraints so we’re in power, not hurt anybody for political reason’; they say ‘no, if this is a tool we have then use it, just like the media is a tool, if Wall Street financing is a tool, if corporate America is a tool, then the law is a tool.’”