But cancel culture doesn’t exist.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

England cricketer Ollie Robinson has now been suspended from all international matches over some edgy tweets he posted when he was a teenager in yet another foul example of cancel culture.

“England and Sussex bowler Ollie Robinson has been suspended from all international cricket pending the outcome of a disciplinary investigation following historical tweets he posted in 2012 and 2013,” reports Sky News.

The tweets originally posted by Robinson nearly a decade ago when he was 18 can be viewed below. They’re a mixture of offensive words and lads’ banter. Such rhetoric was commonplace on the platform before the world went mad from around 2015 onwards.

Secretary of State Oliver Dowden responded to the controversy by asserting that cricket authorities had gone too far.

“Ollie Robinson’s tweets were offensive and wrong,” tweeted Dowden. “They are also a decade old and written by a teenager. The teenager is now a man and has rightly apologised. The ECB has gone over the top by suspending him and should think again.”

“I don’t even care what he’s said,” remarked another respondent. “Imagine being a young cricket player, fulfilling your lifelong dream of playing for England and some neeky prick scours through your decade-old teenage tweets to find something to be offended by – and you actually get suspended. Cuck culture.”

Some people ludicrously tried to compare Robinson’s conduct to that of Shamima Begum, a British Muslim who traveled to Syria to join ISIS.

Leftists actually think that posting some edgy tweets as a teenager and joining an international terrorist organization are somewhat similar, and that people are only defending Robinson because he’s white.

In reality, as we highlight in the video below, authorities specifically wanted to “make an example” out of Robinson because he is white.

Meanwhile, leftists still absurdly argue that cancel culture doesn’t exist.