Source: Nick Arama

As we reported yesterday, Chris Cuomo was still trying to make Rebekah Jones a thing, despite the fact that Jones has never presented any evidence to prove her claim that she was told to sit on Wuhan coronavirus case data in Florida.

Cuomo previously had her on his show multiple time to push the unfounded accusations. Why? Clearly because it might make Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis look bad.

Yesterday, the CNN anchor was pushing a Miami Herald article that didn’t prove her point any more than anything else he’s pushed about her.

But now, he’s on to the next conspiracy to push in regard to the matter. He questioned why the Florida data reports were no longer going to be published.

But being Chris Cuomo, he was citing something that wasn’t accurate. It appears they’re just trying to condense their data, and now that there are fewer cases, they may not be doing it every day. But they’re moving to just posting it weekly.

How long did it take me to figure that out? About a minute. Meanwhile, Cuomo couldn’t be bothered before he spread it.

But hey, why should Chris let facts deter him from spreading baseless conspiracies? The only thing to consider, apparentl,y is whether it fits the Democratic narrative.

Remember, this is the same guy who had his brother on his show, playing jokey skits during the pandemic and promoting Gov. Andrew Cuomo as a pandemic hero. Never mind the truth — that New York had one of the worst results of the pandemic under Andrew Cuomo and the conflict that having him on presented.

So, going after someone like Ron DeSantis, who performed phenomenally for his state? Multi-tweet and program effort to attack from Chris. Calling out his own brother? Well, that’s a conflict of interest, especially after he promoted him. And CNN let this all happen.

But Janice Dean had a great response to Chris Cuomo’s tweet.

“From the brother of the guy who for months hid thousands of nursing home deaths to help land a 5.1 million dollar book deal,” Dean declared. Then she gave him a little advice. “Might want to skip little comments like this one, unless you want to call out the luv guv too.”

Perfect! But for him to take that advice, it would mean he’d have to have a conscience and some shame for how he has approached all this. Something that he, his network, and his older brother seem not to have.

There’s a reason he’s called ‘Fredo.’