Source: CDMedia

CDMedia has been contacted by legal analysts in Georgia who question the timing of depositions in the election fraud case now making its way through Fulton County, GA, with the case being heard by Judge Amero in Henry County.

Their primary theory is that sound legal practice would require depositions to be held ‘after’ the ballot scan to uncover counterfeit ballots has been completed, as suspects usually cannot be deposed multiple times. If suspects are deposed now, they will not have an opportunity to be confronted with the results of the audit.

Multiple plaintiffs in the case are represented by different attorneys and all plaintiffs do not seem to be on board with these developments.’s Garland Favorito, who is a plainttiff in the case, stated he was not aware of the rational behind the timing of the depositions during his interview with Monica Perez below.

The timing of the deposition of Ruby Freeman’s daughter, Shaye Moss, raises more questions than answers.